A Victim’s Story of Severe Police Harassment In Las Vegas, Nevada

This story starts out in about the beginning of 2011, with any references to Virginia being many years before that. Any references to police harassment I make in New Mexico would be in 2010 and before that time. This is a long story so I am going to have to shorten it, and though there are relevant parts I will leave out they are all in my favor. For you skeptics, who are illogically biased and presumptuous, at least hypothesis “Well if this is true”, rather than being a trolling pest hoping to make me feel bad with some ill words, which I am resistant to, so don’t bother, bullies.

Anyways, it started in Nevada like this: In Henderson a malicious dad made a false report about me taking pics of kids. I was using the internet at the apartment playground since at the office as usual, despite my repeated complaints they wouldn’t fix the internet. I even complained about kids trying to get on my laptop due to me having to go away from the office. One staff lady, an evil one who wouldn’t do her job at times, even saw this in front of the office. She was hypocritical because she claimed she could do nothing since they weren’t her kids, yet one time when I was in the office in the internet room two kids screamed and she immediately ran in and scolded ME and the kids. The kids had actually been scared by a prank youtube video, the kind meant to freak you out unsuspectingly. She later would be a noisemaker herself and two residents gawked at how annoying she was being. But so one day, one of the boys I got to know a little, who had a low IQ and who was often neglected by his parents, and who would wander with his very little cousin (that’s how stupid and neglectful his parents were), had stolen from me, so I went to his parents to politely ask for my stuff back. His mom had him give me his stuff back and tried to politely justify his theft. Later I met him and his mom who came out to apologize, but I said it was ok. Now many days later his teen daughters and two teen boys were playing along with two little black kids four and under. The four year old was apparently known for being violent, and while I was using the internet, she harassed me, throwing wood chips at me. I tried to blow it off since the kids could see and I figured they’d tell her to stop, but instead it escalated eventually and she got her little baby sister to participate. One of the teen boys turned at one point to tell her to stop, but then they all left while the two girls remained. Now when I finally got the girls off my back I noticed in the distance she was beating up a little white girl and tackled her, so I got it on video in case I needed proof that this was a violent girl. The grandmother of that white girl had went inside and left the white girl alone. The black girl not knowing I was recording then came over, then seeing the cam in my hand clearly became scared, and tried to ERASE THE VIDEO HERSELF, trying to get it out of my hands. Her name was Rayne by the way. But I calmed her down and she asked me to record her, clearly trying to pacify me and hoping I’d keep quiet. She then wanted to play games on my laptop, and me wanting her to calm down decided to let her and hoping she would eventually go away. Instead she went a few feet away getting me to walk with her to come inside her apartment with her, or she told me to wait outside, but she was locked out, and supposedly her (rotten obese foul-mouthed) mom was asleep. Knocking didn’t get anyone to open it.

She put her little sister on the wall in front of the door, whatever it’s called, and that girl  something at me and it almost hit Rayne. And I marvelled about it and asked, “Don’t you care she almost hit you?” And she just smiled. So then I went back to the bench and she sat next to me. The dad of that boy who stole from me showed up, the very one who acted apologetic, and he sat very close by with two of the boys, or his daughter and one of the boys and rudely started, with a “now what’s going on here? look”. Disgusting eh? I’m guessing this was a very mentally ill guy, probably a narcissist, and so jumping on the chance to redeem his image and make me look like the bad one as if that would somehow erase him being a bad dad in everyone else’s eyes and make him a hero (and can you believe his eldest teen daughter later harassed me, knowing the truth about what happened, a girl who didn’t have any abnormally low IQ issues? Big surprise eh?) So, Rayne gets an uncomfortable look on her face, not because of me, but because that group of others is starring at her. Apparently she didn’t know them well since that was her reaction. She then got me to go under the playground contraption in the middle, slides and whatever, and tried to play some game while I tried to help her start it. The dad went to knock on her door but still no one opened. Then a group of police show up, and I immediately go into one of my panniers on my bike to get my camera out to video in case they tried to slander me, and one of the officers said, “No no no no no” and me not accepting that as anything meaningful and knowing my rights could be violated decided to get it out anyways. And speeding things up, a black officer, last name Castro, decides to mock me and asks, “Do you think what you were doing was right?” or something like that, then, “I’m trying to find out what mental level you are on” and incredibly they let that little girl WALK AWAY out of their site! I told them and they said not to worry about it! Then I asked Castro, “What’s your IQ?” in response to his mental level question. And all this time THERE WAS NO REGULAR INVESTIGATION AS TO WHAT I WAS DOING AND WHY, just the mocking and the usual “id you’re self” stuff. So Castro tries to get me to show what is on the video, and I refuse. And remember I am disabled now. So then they tell me to get up because they are going to put me in their police car but I refuse and say I am disabled (I have problems walking from high arches and severe psoriatic arthritis, hence my use of my bike all the time). So two white officers maliciously grip my arms extremely hard wugh a thick jacket so hard it had bruised my arms and put me in their car and shove my head to the side when I was already in! So after twenty minutes of me being in cuffs, them trying in vain to get witnesses that I did anything wrong, get a neighbor to MAKE A FALSE STATEMENT, and he VOLUNTARILY OFFERED TO MAKE UP SOMETHING, how do I know? IT WAS ON VIDEO. I met this rotten jerk later not knowing what he did till much later since I was too traumatized to watch the video, pretended it was the girl who said, (which he made up) that I tried to show her cartoons on my laptop in my apartment. And big surprise, the police damaged my laptop on top of that so that it would no longer start. Incredibly when I had called to get my laptop back, a woman answered who was in possession of it made a mild complaint of not having been able to look on it yet! AND WHY WOULD I CARE ABOUT HER ILLEGALLY SEARCHING MY PROPERTY? UGH! Talk about insane people running the world! And what was it I had been charged with? At first it was “obstruction”. Then I got another paper saying, “Annoying a minor” and “luring with technology”.

While I was in jail, a blonde female detective had the nerve to say to me after concluding her stupid questioning session, “No more taking pictures of little girls without their parents permission, do you understand me!?” SO, her and her very sleep partner not being able to find anything against me, she then decides to (justify what happened, fool me?) berate me over her PERSONAL OPINION and pretend it’s law. Aren’t cops wonderful people, so honorable and loving, so kind and friendly? Oh the stories I could tell about very evil police… And what do I discover from a corrections officer who wanted to help me, apparently having a hunch I was innocent? That those accusations STAY IN MY POLICE RECORD permanently, so I’m effectively guilty for life despite having not been proven guilty and can’t get a job unless someone decides to risk having a supposed potential child molester working for them. I got a hint that Castro was up to no good when I was in jail, when I said to him, “We’ll see what you were thinking on Judgment Day” (he claimed to be a Christian) he got a guilty expression on his face and wouldn’t look me in the eye. Great Christian he was eh? He knew exactly what he was doing and the massive damage it would do to me. So I ended up pleading no contest to obstruction over “reaching into his bag” or “bike bag”. No one ever said not to reach into any bag period. The other obstruction charge was, “talking to a witness while officers were talking to the witness” something like that, and yet that was not true either. No one was talking to him and I wasn’t told not to say anything to him, the dad. I had shouted to him, “Why don’t you tell them about your son’s theft” when I was at the playground and he ignored me. It was also a hypocritical irony that while I was in cuffs at the playground, the grandmother of the white girl that got assaulted came out and said something I could barely hear, but which sounded like, “I told her (the mother of the black kids apparently)…” you can figure out the rest, not hard. If only she knew what her own neglect had lead to! Think about it, the white girl is beat up, and she’s giving a “I warned her” to the other neglectful person? Wow. The police new this happened too since I told them, and the detectives that questioned about me knew from me too, and the blonde female said, “It’s not a crime for a kid to beat another one up”, or cited Rayne’s age. Oh, it’s not, but what about criminal child neglect? But that doesn’t matter, what matters is “the brotherhood” (protecting your police friends from being sued for wrongful arrest, libel, slander, malicious conduct, assault, police brutality, police retalation).

Now all that was Broadstone Apartments. I had bad neighbors all around me, even above me. Four were all nice at first, but then showed their true colors later on. ALL OF THEM, except for one little kid were mentally ill. I’m talking about the ones I got to know a tiny bit, not ones I never met or only once or twice. One I met later was seemingly nice and normal, but one of the mental neighbors, JB, poisoned her against me by claiming I was harassing her. Ironically it was the opposite, and JB had been stalking me.

I’m a reclusive person because of my disabilities so I only got to know a few neighbors, and mostly because I would try to use the internet outside. Now police her know that many people in Las Vegas are rotten, so you who are trolls and love to stick in jabs and cliches, don’t bother with the “everyone is against you” or “you’re paranoid” “are you sure it’s not you?” conniving crap, otherwise you’re condeming the police too :). I even complained to one officer that nearly everyone I met was here was mentally ill, and he replied, “Welcome to Las Vegas”.

Obese JB and a next door obese monster next to me named Lynn eventually made up lies to the management to get rid of me, and managment themselves did so. They complained about me having a camera in the window, which a police head and underling officer said I could do, but a crisis one, not knowing the law or not caring, said I had to move it so that it pointed ONLY AT MY APARTMENT. Anyways management made up a lie about me modifying my window (ignoring everyone elses clear modifications including those making false accusations against me, plain as day “modifications”, while I had NONE), and my dad who was paying caved in. And social security had cut my income in half and me having bad depression from endless police harassment in other states and bad parents and neighbors didn’t fight it in court. Not enough money was the main problem and me not knowing the law.

So I moved next door to Mesa Club, turned out there was a severely mentally ill landlord there too, named Brenda Comacho, and one of the saleswomen was a rotten apple too, an obese red head. There was also a assistant manager of some sort named Ali, who despite being pretty at one time became unprofressional and stood staring and laughing at me with the red head, the red head I noticed seemed to be going along with it and not actually wanting to have participated (I was there to talk to the red head about something, a complaint I suppose). But so maybe after a month after living there went to the red head to report some homeless people I knew going onto the property to harass me, and showed videos of them stalking me even, they refused to call the police about it to trespass them (later the landlord, out of retaliation and personal dislike of me would trespass me, something apparently she’s never done before except to dumpster divers in an apartment next to that one). So, that landlord illegally kicked me out, making up a false 5 day notice, illegally  out my property when I was still within my time limit to get it, and a hoarde of bad police showed up when she tried to get rid of me earlier than when she was allowed, and one even had a machine gun looking thing in his arms while standing nearby. One officer refused to allow me the full time I had to move out, and said if I didn’t move out in two hours he’d arrest me for trespassing, something threatening like that. It was a two hour limit he gave me though. But later, Brenda tried to shorten it, being malicious again. She was alone and so thought she’d sneak that little jab in, thinking she’d get away with it, but her stupid self forgot that I had been recording her every move when she decided to start bullying me, so I caught her doing that too. I threatened to call the police on her and she said she would too, but the officer who came told her she had to give me the full time to move out, so she lost that one. Thank God not every officer is super rotten.

You can read a review I made of Mesa Club at apartmentratings.com, or it’s “apartmentreviews”. Brenda kept getting it erased since I kept naming names, but then I played her sick game and it stuck. She, it was obvious, then made a mocking false positive review after mine, by “happy lola”. Ugh. And are you surprised that mine was the one review she never replied to? Surprise surprise. Guilty.

I still wasn’t able to move all my remaining things out in time (I had collected many precious and semi precious stones, and Brenda had thrown many of the best ones out. Some months earlier one police officer arresting me also  my stones out, ones I had on me after making his personal assessment that they were worthless. He even admitted it to a corrections officer who brought it up to me. And why did that happen? What happened was JB made a false report about me stalking her AFTER I HAD MOVED TO MESA CLUB. When she did that federal marshals were repeatedly coming to my door, covering the peep hole with their hand and vaseline,  my own shoes at my door at one point, and not saying who they were. It happened so much I myself called the police, and they couldn’t figure out what was going on, and one said I was being pranked on maybe. But later after tricking me into letting him arrest me (police are so honorable aren’t they?) discovered it was marshals. And on that, I missed my court date, so then the marshals came back and eventually found me, and wasting 9 days of my life from it, and me ending up pleading no contest so JB wouldn’t see me in orange and miserable). These were rare super beautiful stones, not common so it was a huge loss not simply to me, but I believe the world. I had planned on putting them in a museum locally, one I wanted to open myself, but no thanks to mentally ill people like these all over, it hasn’t happened and my never. But back to JB’s accusation, what was I charged with ultimately? The claim was that I had stalked her by TAKING A PHOTOGRAPH AND OR BY RECORDING HER DECK, which, is not illegal and not the definition of stalking. If it were that celebrity photographers would be stalkers by definition. And it was an absurd claim, since JB is old fat and morose. In fact, I have a videos of her stalking me, and a video of her using her phone to get photos of me, so she claimed.

More to the absurd hypocrisy of the police in the Broadstone story:

After being let out of jail for supposedly annoying and luring Rayne, I unknowingly encountered her mother soon after while taking my bike through the playground back to my apartment, while on my way she glared at me with the maintenance man’s horrid girlfriend right next to her and shouted, SHOUTED, “Get the fuck away from my property!” Three times, then said she’d call the police. And note, she said, “property”, not “kids”, not “children”. I had reported this woman to Leslie, the bad saleswoman, as in morally bad, and probably a narcissist in my opinion, at Broadstone, and she acted bewildered as to who it could be, though I later found out she knew who it was. Nothing was done to her for it though. And if anyone wants to some how track down who this mother was, her license plate number is BEEST. I found this out one day when walking back home and she had stopped her car next to me, and glared at me hatefully with her daughter sitting next to her. What an evil hypocrite. I’d be she’s a narcissist too. I remember when I first met her daughter when they were moving in, that she had a black dad, and noticed that he was completely out of the picture later on. I’m sure he left her because he couldn’t stand a crazy woman like that.

So, I call the police and tell them what she said, that she was harassing me, and the dispatcher with a condescending tone told me that that wasn’t harassment and that it would have to be something over the days. Later on a police officer, the fat malicious one, told me at Mesa Club that the harassment from the homeless people I tried to report didn’t count, I may have said stalking (which is a form of harassment), and he replied, “Have you ever seen that movie, ‘Cape Fear’, now that’s stalking.” So, double standards for others. Now after I made the call about the mom harassing me, the police looked for me, TO ARREST ME. Hows that for fair? They even went to my neighbor Lynn and asked her, “Do you have any kids,” which she told me they asked, and when she said no, she said they replied, “Good.” How’s that for slander?

So then to make a long story short, but which can be partially read at http://truthspeek.wordpress.com, an elderly mormon lady, a Samoan and her huge brother took advantage of me, tried to make a slave out of me at their house, rented from the airport, and her husband disappears because not just her behavior are so bad, and probably the annoyance of her brother living there, but the rotten smell of her dog who had severe manage and was pink, with saggy skin that looked like it was burned everywhere. It reeked so bad it repelled one of my friends after a few seconds, the only friend I had. Her brother became so hostile and malicious (I could tell he was a psychopath and this woman was a narcissist) that I had to move out as she too began trying to throw my things out, and started too. Again, she was mentally ill, so of course she would be doing wacky things.

Narcissism by the way is widespread these days, you can see it everywhere in the culture and Hollywood and counterparts throughout the world help spread this ill form of “self love” (self centeredness). So you may think I’m citing it so much that I must be wacky or whatever, but no, it’s widespread. People who have it have a poor social life and are bullies, so the bad people a person encounters in life are likely to be big surprise again, narcissists. Psychopaths seem to be more rare, but those are the ones who cause severe problems too. Of course so do other types: immoral and drug addicted people, and the common drunks. So, it is not unusual that narcissists are the main trouble makers in my life, especially in a place like LAS VEGAS, a sort of Hollywood, a place where people go to GET ATTENTION. I however was virtually forced here by my parents since I didn’t have enough income or good health to live on my own. A police officer in New Mexico who made life hell for me over his personal dislike of me, getting officers to stalk and rob me, had mocked me over my parents helping me. Why mention that? Because this story is about rotten police and rotten people in general and how it’s affected me. In fact, after age 11, I can blame Fairfax County Police in Virginia for all the troubles afterwards, metaphorically speaking. Because the first time I ever called the police, at 12 or 13, was on my mom who had hit me for no reason. Two officers showed up at the door and one did all the “talking” if you can call it that. He asked my named, that SCREAMED, yes, SCREAMED at me saying, “You never call the police on your mother!” I think he then shouted, “Do you understand me!?” then left. My narcissist mom (both my parents have NPD) said to me after I went inside, “See?” and didn’t look at me. She knew she had come close to be arrested I suppose, so only stuck in that little jab. Years later I met a rotten cop who rather than arresting her for stealing from me, convinced her to give me my property back, and she only came up some, claiming to have thrown out the rest. The officer left without further talk. Later I met that officer at the post office where I had a PO Box, and he claimed I was living there and so that I had to get out. I WAS LIVING IN THE POST OFFICE? If that were true he would have to get a constable to get me out anyways! Ugh.

But so back to my troubles with police here in Las Vegas. After being illegally forced out of the mormon house, and meeting a rotten business man nearby who decided not to partner with me after making absurd promises to me, I eventually ended up living at a house that the owners had recently abandoned after having let me stay for a while when I was homeless. They told me the house was in such bad condition that they were going to leave anyways even if they were forced out by the bank. The bank forced them out while they were having a yard sale, and so they left and I was left behind. They had hoped I’d be able to come up with rent money to help them stay and make repairs, instead, after I had left for a while, came back and found the plumbing, pool system and electrical syst had been sabotaged in various ways. Apparently someone was mad. It wasn’t unlivable though, and I cleaned up the mess out front that had accumulated, then in the back. I improved it over time more and more, though at times it got worse because the garbage company refused to let me pay for trash removal, though I solved that by getting rid of my trash elsewhere eventually. But I had more problems: after getting two dog, completely quiet, and one I had rescued, the neighbors next door decided to harass me, made up a false claim about me arguing with them along with an elderly Tea Party war veteran neighbor across from them named Pete (who I would later record severely harassing me and assaulting me). And of all the police officers to show up after their lie? It was a pair that had refused to investigate the homeless guys nearby by my apartment who I said had harassed me. REFUSED, because, they said, “You aren’t listening, they aren’t going to admit” such and such. In other words, they didn’t want to walk out into the desert and get their boots dirty, or their car wheels. And the fat white obese officer of the two, who did the most talking, got out of his car and said to me, “You were arguing with them weren’t you, weren’t you?!” Now this was in Las Vegas, not Henderson where I first met him by a desert where those homeless guys lived. After being a terroristic moron to me,  then asked in front of others officers, out loud, “Aren’t you a sex offender, you’re supposed to report in weren’t you?” and repeated that two or three more times. He said something almost exactly like that. So, I was found innocent, and this nasty officer, a corrupt officer, is mentally and emotionally assaulting me and physically since besides unlawfully arresting me and turned the volume on his car radio all the way up. When I stuck my head out the window of his car to avoid the blasting he raised the windshield so that it caught on my neck and could have cut my head off. He didn’t even want to put socks on me at the intake of the jail. And that wasn’t all, I had repeatedly asked him to let me take my bike and laptop with me which were nearby, and he refused, and guess what happened? Stolen. He also impounded my small folding scooter, and this was after telling them I was disabled. A third officer before I had been taken away had even KICKED MY FEET after I already spread them for his evil self.

Later, malicious neighbors like Nanette, who pretended to be a nice neighbor, called the police on me after I politely asked for her help to get one of my cats back which had jumped the wall into another neighbors house, and despite helping me a little, she called the police, who then harassed me for that despite no one having a problem with me getting my cat. The cops slammed on my door repeatedly. A red headed sergeant showed up and I let him in, showed him a bill in my name, and the morons left. Then they came back because they’d found a warrant for me “stalking”, stalking who? No one. Turns out I was still on unsupervised probation for the JB accusation, and if any charge was made against me, it would get read as STALKING. So I could have been accused of jaywalking, and it would have turned into STALKING. Great justice here in America, so civil and insane eh? Later when I would record two neighbors harassing me after having trespassed onto the house property and my mailbox, and Pete was one of them, who had begun hitting me with one of the boxes UPS left, later long into the recording, the other neighbor decided to call the police while they stood starring at me and mocking me and admitting to harassing me. The red headed seargent showed up again, snuck behind me and gently arrested me, for what? I found out later it was for the “arguing”, aka “disturbing the peace”. But on paper it LITERALLY SAID, “KNOCKING ON A DOOR”. So, I was arrested for? KNOCKING ON A DOOR. The seargent after arresting me told one of his officers to “make sure he doesn’t have any other recording devices on him” and that officer kept trying to turn my camera off, even asking me how, and nearly ejecting the tiny card I decided then to volunteer in case it popped out and was lost or stuck in the camera from his incompitence. After a black officer had removed many pins in the back of my shirt to keep a large tear closed, he THREW THEM IN THE BACK OF THE HOUSE and with a smug mocking look told me where he’d just put them. So it’s not littering to throw pins in back of a house. He later lied at the jail to a corrections officer, claiming I was causing “mayhem in the neighborhood” and privately told me “robbery laws are changing tomorrow”. Meaning? Speaking of robbery: did I mention that fat officer who made up the lies about me arguing with my neighbor, and charing me with knocking on a door, had STOLEN ITEMS FROM THE HOUSE, MINE, EVEN TRIED TO CALL ME THE THIEF, EVEN SAID, “YOU’VE FOREFITTED YOUR PROPERTY BY BEING IN THAT HOUSE” AND, GET THIS: ILLEGALLY STOLE MY DOGS FROM THE HOUSE. STOLE THEM. They killed the one I rescued by deliberately bringing it to a kill shelter farther away then the non-kill shelter, and stole the German Shepherd I had. Only one notice was left for one dog, the one I rescued, and the lie was “abandoned”, in other words lying about me having abandoned the dog. Is that why five days later after having stolen the German they came back for the other dog? If it was abandoned why did they wait five days? Hypocrites, malicious hypocrites. They even trespassed to get both dogs out, having no right to have gone into the house. Animal control even lifted the gate to get into the back then opened the back door and went up stairs to get the dog I rescued, and maliciously LOCKED THE GATE WITH THEIR OWN CHAIN WHEN I WAS STILL IN POSSESSION OF THE DOGS. Now tell me: did locking that gate help me to care for those dogs, or could that have possibly hindered me, not that I wasn’t caring for them, but think about that, think of the hypocrisy. AND I HAD ALREADY SECURED THE GATE WITH MY OWN THICK LOCK! Malicious jerks!

But that’s not all, the fat officer and his partner had also played with sex toys the house, organized them together and placed a pornographic image of a woman in between the items, a woman’s vagina. To me, that constitutes not just some vague police misconduct, but is a kind of sexual harassment by placing their hands on sexual items belonging to me for no logical reason other than sadistic sexual pleasure. I took pictures of the bizarre shrine they made. That still wasn’t all they did, they had also stepped on my food, on containers of yogurt, so that when I got out of jail the next day, had nothing to eat.

Did I also mention that the red headed sergeant illegally, after arresting, pulled the wire to my front door camera out, and took my recording devices and put them back in the house? Did I mention they illegally searched the house after already seeing my name was on the utility bill I showed them? Did I mention the sergeant refused to give me the keys to the house despite it being right next to him? Did I mention I told him I’d recorded those neighbors harassing me after he put the cuffs on me, and the day before, that other officers had committed crimes against me, in that house? And despite him saying he’d investigate it, he never did. No doubt he was hoping to get the recording devices before I did, or hoping someone would break in and steal them while I was away.

Thanks to God I got out of jail right away and secured them so the evidence of the neighbors harassing me wasn’t lost. The next day two bike cops showed up and after knocking on the door and me not answering, I heard them say, “He said the wire was outside the door”, then I heard, “Well, as long as he’s okay with the bees, (there used to be bees at the side of the house, but they were exterminated, so they were lying), and “Is there electricity, no, is there water, no” and then they left. Now about the electricity: THAT SERGEANT AND A MALICIOUS NEIGHBOR TEAMED UP TO GET THE ELECTRICITY COMPANY TO SHUT POWER OFF ON ME. How? Illegally: first: NV ENERGY HAS A POLICY OF IGNORING LEASES, SO IF YOU HAVE NONE THEY DON’T CARE. Yet in my case they decided to discriminate against me on behalf of these two evil ones. The sergeant lied and said to NV Energy, “He couldn’t show us a lease”. ONE: NO OFFICER EVER ASKED ME FOR ONE. TWO: I DON’T NEED ONE! IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS UNLESS I’VE BEEN EVICTED OR TRESPASSED OR AM AN INVADER, A BURGLAR WHO HAD BROKEN IN. NONE OF WHICH I WAS. And one or ftwo days later after the bike cops showed up, a big pink sheet, supposedly was placed on the garage that said the house was condemened and no one could live in it. No one even INSPECTED IT, only the front and side. A friend told me he removed the sign, but I keep forgetting his name. Then, yesterday, I saw three officers after they had repeatedly SLAMMED VERY HARD on my door, and again the sign appeared after the left. Since it didn’t say not to remove it, and since it was a bullseye, a magnet for thieves and other hostile people, I removed it. Then I see another notice hours later on the garage, a notice of what was in violation (supposedly), and an orange sign saying not to trespass or touch anything. How convenient for the seargent.

Now on the list of violations it had the following false claims, and one would suggest they trespassed if it were a true claim:

Solid waste
Overgrown Vegetation
Unsecured Building
Dirty Pool Water

1. Solid waste and overgrown vegetation is something they would have seen on the way to my house, since there are two other neighbors with junk on the same street. I know they saw those houses, yet they say nothing against them, this suggests a conspiracy to harass me and chill my speech (as in prevent me from possibly bringing the police crimes here against me to light at some time in the future), and is basically terrorism. Those two houses are MUCH worse then mine. At mine you can only see weeds which look like grass, and have to look BEHIND A PILLAR to see any “waste”, which would be one plastic bottle and one plastic container, and a bag nearby had blown onto the property.

2. Unsecured building, well we all know that’s an outright lie, and how is the gate not secured when for months I blockeded the back with a pile of neatly stacked palm leaves (which sometimes I used for firewood). So, another indication of conspiracy to terrorize me.

3. Dirty pool water: if that were true, how would they know being that there is no visible water even when you’re in the backyard or on top of the roof of my house? So again, evidence they are harassing me and keeping up a terrorism campaign. It stressed me out so bad it made my psoriasis flare up and my psoriatic arthritis, which immobilized me for hours since I get that in my neck. It gave me a migraine on top of that.

So what recourse do I have, when the ACLU repeatedly turns down my requests for help when I give them the short version of this story as it progresses and grows ever more? Do I go to the governor now that code enforcement is involved and now that they have a sneaky way to illegally evict me, illegal since they’ve made lies? How can I be trespassed BECAUSE OF TWO CONTAINERS, A PLASTIC BAG, AND WEEDS, OR EVEN DIRTY POOL WATER TO IT ALL? What other words for this is there other than “terrorism, harassment, and evil”? What do I do?

Ironically, when I tried to move out of this house to another, a psychopath neighbor there came out with a gun months later and threatened me with it after trespassing into the back of the house, forced me to lie down after firing two shots, and lied to the police about me breaking in. The man even said to dispatch that he fired a shot because “You’re not obeying me”, not “because you were threatening me”. Yet the police ignored him as he held his gun. They police lied about him owning the house, removed my property from it despite me having the keys to the house, then stalked me out after asking if I was gay and making fun of me after saying I was. When I asked why they asked, an officer named McKnight replied, “Just wondering” or something like that. Sure. They let the guy who fired his gun and trespassed illegally get away free, but me, they forced to walk out of the neighborhood entirely, illegally evicting me. They had stomped on me so hard when I was already on the ground!, that it bruised my ribs, and I thought I had broken them so ended up with a $1000+ bill from UMC. The man with the gun EVEN ADMITTED TO THE POLICE TO STEALING MY MAIL, AND BROUGHT IT TO THEM! And they acted like it was funny, and McKnight shook the box he brought to them and asked if he could open it even though it was obviously from a bike store. It was a critical thing I needed that due to this psychopath thief had wrecked my life that month, it was a bike pump. So, yet another person compounded my pain by making it harder for me to deal with my walking disability. I ended up getting flat tires I couldn’t fix and having to live miserably for a long while because of that thief. So I went back to where I am now, only for the police to come back and continue their harassment as I’ve said. When will it end? Does it have to get to me being suicidal again, which I had recently gotten over? No doubt they are hoping I will kill myself so that I won’t be able to bring their shame to light and prove them to be the criminals and danger to the public and the ones who disturb the peace, whatever peace there is, that they are the ones causing mayhem.

For the record:

I’ve been a victim of police harassment in Monterey, California, Fairfax. Virginia, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Nevada, as described here. I didn’t come close to including every police harassment incident I’ve been in, and there have been ones as severe as the ones described here. I didn’t include them all because this is mainly for lawyers and investigators to read so that I can find quick help.


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